Cell Types

abm‘s comprehensive cell collection provides a variety of cell types to choose from, including primary, immortalized, drug discovery, tumor, and reporter cell types for your research needs.

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Cell Culture – An Introduction

Cell Culture – An Introduction
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Cell Culture Tutorial – An introduction

Cell Culture Tutorial – An introduction

Cell Immortalization

Cell Immortalization

Growth Factors + Cytokines

Growth Factors + Cytokines
  1. Primary Cells 415items
  2. Immortalized Cells 405items
  3. Tumor Cells 68items
  4. Drug Discovery Cell Lines 356items
  5. Reporter Cell Lines 53items
  1. GFP 22items
  2. RFP 20items
Tissue/Organ/Organ System
  1. Adipose 11items
  2. Airway/Lung 59items
  3. Auditory 4items
  4. Blood 52items
  5. Blood Vessel 47items
  6. Bone 2items
  7. Bone Marrow 113items
  8. Brain 77items
  9. Breast 20items
  10. Cervix 8items
  11. Colon 8items
  12. Digestive 45items
  13. Embryo 4items
  14. Eye 28items
  15. Hair Follicle 8items
  16. Heart 21items
  17. Kidney 48items
  18. Liver 63items
  19. Lung 6items
  20. Mammary 1item
  21. Mesentery 2items
  22. Oral 28items
  23. Ovary 11items
  24. Pancreas 9items
  25. Pituitary gland 1item
  26. Prostate 20items
  27. Renal 92items
  28. Reproductive 113items
  29. Peritoneum 1item
  30. Skeletal Muscle 4items
  31. Skin 66items
  32. Spleen 7items
  33. Stomach 2items
  34. Straitum 1item
  35. Thyroid 26items
  36. Thymic 4items
  37. Other 2items
  38. Skeletal 48items
Cell Type
  1. Drug Discovery Cell Lines 84items
  2. Primary Cells 254items
  3. Immortalized Cells 342items
  4. Tumor Cells 68items
  5. Drug Discovery Cells 251items
  6. Reporter Cells 45items
Pharmaceutical Target
  1. GPC Receptors 13items
  2. NH Receptors 3items
  3. Catalytic Receptors 12items
  4. Ion Channels 7items
  5. Kinases 121items
  6. Transporters 6items
  7. Reporters 9items
  8. Synthase 1item
  9. Enzymes 32items
  10. Other 76items
  1. Bovine 13items
  2. Canine 13items
  3. Dog 12items
  4. Equine 2items
  5. European Sea Bass 1item
  6. Feline 2items
  7. Hamster 20items
  8. Homo sapiens 155items
  9. Human 389items
  10. Insect 6items
  11. Minipig 1item
  12. Monkey 10items
  13. Mouse 309items
  14. Rabbit 1item
  15. Rat 95items
  16. Other 5items
  17. Mus musculus 19items
  18. Mouse (C57BL/6) 4items
  19. Cricetulus griseus (Chinese hamster) 8items
  20. Cercopithecus aethiops (African Green Monkey) 5items
  21. Pig 3