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Gradient Thermal Cyclers
G-Storm Programming & Contol


      G-Storm software simple yet powerful  

If you are new to molecular biology, programming any thermal cycler for the first time can be a daunting prospect. This is not the case with G-Storms interface! Novices through to experts find the software intuitive and easy to learn yet powerful enough to handle the most complex of protocols. Users have the choice to enter known programs manually or utilise the fabulous Program Wizard. The program wizard function and in-built primer algorithms remove the requirement to manually calculate the ideal protocol for your experiment. Simply enter your primer sequences or melting temperatures (TMs) and let the wizard do the rest! Manual programming utilises drag and drop principles, and the icon driven commands enable quick, clear and intuitive protocol inputs. Even utilising G-Storms gradient function effectively is simple. Optimal conditions from any gradient protocol can be converted straight into a standard protocol with only a single click!

A site license for G-Storms programming software interface is also provided free of charge for use on PCs, enabling experimental design and programming from your desktop. Protocols can be transferred via memory stick to and from your PC straight onto G-Storm.

G-Storms Home Page is central to the control of the cyclers various functions. Select the various options, including Program Wizard, New Program, Run Program, on the touch-screen and let the software take you through a logical process that enables you to do what you want to do in easy, simple to follow steps.

The icon driven, drag and drop programming is simplicity itself. Simply select the command that you require, drag it into the program window and enter your parameters when prompted. This method enables both complex and simple protocols to be visualised during programming by selecting the profile option.

Gradient Software

The superb Program Wizard function uses primer sequences or primer melting temperatures to calculate your protocol for you. By entering this information, product length and any other special information, over just five steps, the wizard will present an ideal program based on this information within a few clicks, you are ready to go!