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Lenti-SV40 Temperature Sensitive (tsA58) 프린트 
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  Lenti-SV40 Temperature Sensitive (tsA58)  Immortalization Reagent

 abm은 33 °C에서 cell 이 성장하고 37°C에서 성장이 중단되는 새로운  Lenti-SV40 Temperature Sensitive (Cat. LV629 & LV630) 제품을 개발했습니다. 이 특성을 통해 연구를 위해 immortalized cell 의 proliferation 을  control  할 수 있습니다.


Why use our product?

Successful immortalization beyond 33°C up to 37°C 

At 37°C (non-permissive temperature) the cells will revert back to their 'primary' state and stop propagating

 Precise cell proliferation control during your research 

Offered in two different sizes: I

  Large T tsA58 antigen (106IU/ml) (Cat. LV629)

  Higher Titer version (109IU/ml) (Cat. LV630)


 Temperature sensitivity testing of immortalized cells

Results show immortalized canine podocytes showing extended proliferation beyond primary cells at the permissive temperature of 33°C, indicating successful immortalization. Immortalized cells also show sensitivity to higher temperature growth at 37°C. 

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